ADB commands not working (2023)


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Oct 28, 2011
(Video) How to fix adb not recognized as internal or external command (100% working)

InfX said:

(Video) How to Install and fully Set up ADB (Android Debug Bridge) - Step-by-step Guide

The first command supposed to grant a specific permission (BATTERY_STATS) to a specific app, i am unfamiliar with the second one (it turns a system setting named 'hidden_api_policy' on, but i have no idea what this setting is). I have no idea if those work as expected on Android 11, and Google loves changing stuff like that.

In any case, first, make sure you don't just run those commands from start->run or equivalent, but from a command line window, so if there are any errors you have a chance to read them. And finally, don't forget to force close and restart the app in question.

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Then the OP just doing something trivial wrong, which is a good thing, since it can be fixed ADB commands not working (1)

I am using the ADB shell in the platform tools folder. Yes, I'm sure I am making some stupid mistake .ADB commands not working (2) I had no problem rooting my Pixel 2Xl, so I'm hoping I can figure this out. I'll just keep trying.

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