Text Message Abbreviations and Texting Acronyms (2023)

# 143

What does 143 Mean in Texting?

143 means I Love You in text messaging.


What does 2G2BT Mean in Texting?

2G2BT means Too Good To Be Tree in text messaging.


What does 444 Mean in Texting?

444 means Angels Are With You in text messaging.


What does AKA Mean in Texting?

AKA means Also Known As in text messaging.


What does AML Mean in Texting?

AML means All My Love in text messaging.


What does AOTA Mean in Texting?

AOTA means All of the Above in text messaging.


What does ASL Mean in Texting?

ASL means Age / Sex / Location in text messaging.


What does ATM Mean in Texting?

ATM means At The Moment in text messaging.


What does AYOR Mean in Texting?

AYOR means At Your Own Risk in text messaging.


What does AYTMTB Mean in Texting?

AYTMTB means And Your Telling Me This Because in text messaging.


What does BBC Mean in Texting?

BBC means Big Bad Challenge in text messaging.


What does BBL Mean in Texting?

BBL means Be Back Later in text messaging.


What does BBN Mean in Texting?

BBN means Bye, Bye Now in text messaging.


What does BION Mean in Texting?

BION means Believe It Or Not in text messaging.


What does BRB Mean in Texting?

BRB means Be Right Back in text messaging.


What does BRT Mean in Texting?

BRT means Be Right There in text messaging.


What does BTW Mean When Texting?

BTW means By the Way in text messaging.


What does CBA Mean in Texting?

CBA means Can't Be Arsed in text messaging.


What does CM Mean in Texting?

CM means Call Me in text messaging.


What does CMIIW Mean in Texting?

CMIIW means Correct Me If I'm Wrong in text messaging.


What does CRB Mean in Texting

CRB means Come Right Back in text messaging.


What does CU Mean in Texting?

CU means See You in text messaging.


What does DEF Mean in Texting?

DEF means Definitely in text messaging.


What does DM Stand for in Texting?

DM means Direct Message in text messaging.


What does DTS Mean in Texting?

DTS means Don't Think So in text messaging.


What does DW Mean in Texting?

DW means Dear Wife in text messaging.


What does EG Mean in Texting?

EG means Evil Grin in text messaging.

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What does F2F Mean in Texting?

F2F means Face to Face in texting messaging.


What does FBM Mean in Texting?

FBM means Fine By Me in text messaging.


What does FITB Mean in Texting?

FITB means Fill In The Blanks in text messaging.


What does FML Mean in Texting?

FML means Freak* My Life in text messaging.


What does FOH Mean in Texting?

FOH means Freak* Outta Here in text messaging.


What does FOMO Mean in Texting?

FOMO means Fear of Missing Out in text messaging.


What does FR mean in Texting?

FR means For Real in text messaging.


What does FT mean in Texting?

FT means Face Time in text messaging.


What does FTW mean in texting

FTW means For the Win in text messaging.


What does FWB Mean in Texting?

FWB means Friends with Benefits in text messaging.


What does FWM Mean in Texting?

FWM means Fine with Me in text messaging.


What does FYI Mean in Texting?

FYI means For Your Information in text messaging.


What does GAL Mean in Texting?

GAL means Get a Life in text messaging.


What does GC Mean in Texting?

GC means Good Call in text messaging.


What does GFE Mean in Texting?

GFE means Good Faith Estimate or Girlfriend Experience in text messaging.


What does GN Mean in Texting?

GN means Good Night in text messaging.


What does GTG Mean in Texting?

GTG means Got to Go in text messaging.


What does GTS Mean in Texting?

GTS means Go To Sleep in text messaging.


What does HAGN Mean in Texting?

HAGN means Have a Good Night in text messaging.


What does HMU Mean in Texting?

HMU means Hit Me Up in text messaging.


What does HRU Mean in Texting?

HRU means How Are You in text messaging.


What does HTH Mean in Texting?

HTH means Hope This Helps in text messaging.


What does IAC Mean in Texting?

IAC means In Any Case in text messaging.


What does IDC Mean in Texting?

IDC means I Don't Care in text messaging.


What does IDK Mean in Texting?

IDK means I Don't Know in text messaging


What does IG Mean in Texting?

IG means Instagram in text messaging.


What does IGHT Mean in Texting?

IGHT means Alright in text messaging.

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What does IIRC Mean in Texting?

IIRC means If I Recall in text messaging.


What does IKR Stand for in Testing?

IKR means I know Right in text messaging.


What does ILY Mean in Texting?

ILY means I Love You in text messaging.


What does IMAO Mean in Texting?

IMAO means In My Arrogant Opinion in text messaging.


What does IMHO Mean in Texting?

IMHO means In My Humble Opinion in text messaging.


What does IMK Mean in Texting?

IMK means In My Knowledge in text messaging.


What does IMO Mean in Texting?

IMO means In My Openion in text messaging.


What does IMY Mean in Texting?

IMY means I Miss You in text messaging.


What does INBD Mean in Texting?

INBD means It is No Big Deal in text messaging.


What does ION Mean in Texting?

ION means In Other News in text messaging.


What does IRL Mean in Texting?

IRL means In Real Life in text messaging.


What does ISO Mean in Texting?

ISO means In Search of in text messaging.


What does IYKWIM Mean in Texting?

IYKWIM means If You Know What I Mean in text messaging.


What does JIC Mean in Texting?

JIC means Just in Case in text messaging.


What does JJA Mean in Texting?

JJA means Just Joking Around in text messaging.


What does KIT Mean in Texting?

KIT means Keep in Touch in text messaging.


What does KK Mean in Texting?

KK means Okay Cool in text messaging


What does KMS Mean in Texting?

KMS means Killing Myself in text messaging.


What does LBVS Mean in Texting?

LBVS means Laughing But Very Seriously in text messaging.


What does LMAO Mean in Texting?

LMAO means Laughing My A** Off in text messaging.


What does LMBO Mean in Texting?

LMBO means Laughing My Butt Off in text messaging.


What does LMK Stand for in Texting?

LMK means Let Me Know in text messaging.


What does LOL Stand for in Texting?

LOL stands for Lots of Laughs in text messaging.


What does LTR Mean in Texting?

LTR means Long Term Relationship in text messaging.


What does MBN Mean in Texting?

MBN means Must Be Nice in text messaging.


What is MHM in Texting?

MHM means I Agree in text messaging.


What does MMK Mean in Texting?

MMK means Mhmm Ok in text messaging.

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What does MMS Mean in Texting?

MMS means MultiMedia Message in text mesaging.


What does NBD Mean in Texting?

NBD means No Big Deal in text messaging.


What NFS Mean in Texting?

NFS means Need for Speed in text messaging.


What does NGL Mean in Texting?

NGL means Not Gonna Lie in text messaging.


What does NNN Mean in Texting?

NNN means No New News in text messaging.


What does NSA Mean in Texting?

NSA means No Strings Attached in text messaging.


What does NTH Mean in Texting?

NTH means Nothing in text messaging.


What does NUN Mean in Texting?

NUN means Nothing in text messaging.


What does NVM Mean in Texting?

NVM means Never Mind in text messaging.


What does NYA Mean in Texting?

NYA means Need Your Advice in text messaging.


What does OBJ Mean in Texting?

OBJ means Ojbect in text messaging.


What does OFC Mean when Texting?

OFC means Of Course in text messaging.


What does OML Mean in Texting?

OML means Oh My Lord in text messaging.


What does OOF Mean in Texting?

OOF means Out of Office or Ouch in text messaging.


What does OTP Mean in Texting?

OTP means One true Pairing in text messaging.


What does P Mean in Texting?

P means Sticking Tongue Out in text messaging.


What does PLS Mean in Texting?

PLS means Please in text messaging.


What does POS Mean in Texting?

POS means Parent Over Shoulder in text messaging.


What does PP Mean in Texting?

PP means Personal Problem in text messaging.


What does RN Mean in Texting?

RN means Right Now in text messaging.


What does RUS Mean in Texting?

RUS means Are You Serious in text messaging.


What does SIL Mean in Texting?

SIL means Son in Law or Sister in Law in text messaging.


What does SKSKSKSKS Mean in Texting?

SKSKSKSKS means Surprise or Oh My Goodness in text messaging


What does STFU Mean in Texting?

STFU means Shut the Freak* Up in text messaging.


What does STG Mean in Texting?

STG means Swear to God in text messaging.


What does SUP Mean in Texting?

SUP means What is Up in text messaging.


What does TBH Stand for in Texting?

TBH means To Be Honest in text messaging.

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What does TBT Stand for in Texting?

TBT means Truth Be Told or Throwback Thursday in text messaging.


What does TFW Mean in Texting?

TFW means That Feeling When or That Face When in text messaging.


What does TIA Mean in Texting?

TIA means Thanks in Advance in text messaging.


What does TIL Mean in Texting?

TIL means Today I Learned in text messaging.


What does TLC Mean in Texting?

TLC means Tender Love and Care in text messaging.


What does TMI Mean in Texting?

TMI in texting means To Much Information in text messaging.


What does TTFN Mean in Texting?

TTFN means Ta Ta For Now in text messaging.


What does TTY Mean in Texting?

TTY means Talk to You in text messaging.


What does TTYL Mean in Texting?

TTYL means Talk To You Later in text messaging.


What does UW Mean in Texting?

UW means You Are Welcome in text messaging.


What does WBS in Texting?

WBS means Write Back Soon in text messaging.


What is WBY Mean in Texting?

WBY means What About You in text messaging.


What does WDYK Mean in Texting?

WDYK means What Do You Know in text messaging.


What does WDYT Mean in Texting?

WDYT means What Do You Think in text messaging.


What does WP Mean in Texting?

WP means Well Playted in text messaging.


What does WRU Mean in Texting?

WRU means Where Are You in text messaging.


What does WYD Mean in Texting

WYD means What Are You Doing in text messaging.


What does WYM Mean Texting?

WYM means What You Mean or Watch Your Mouth in text messaging.


What does WYWH Mean in Texting?

WYWH means Wish You Were Here in text messaging.


What does XLNT Mean in Texting?

XLNT means Excellent in text messaging.


What does YBS Mean in Texting?

YBS means You'll Be Sorry in text messaging.


What does YGG Mean in Texting?

YGG means You Go Girl in text messaging.


What Does YH Mean in Texting?

YH means Yeah in test messaging.


What does YHGTBKM Mean in Texting?

YHGTBKM means You Have Got To Be Kidding Me in text messaging.


What does YNK Mean in Texting?

YNK means You Never Know in text messaging.


What Does YOLO Stand for In Texting?

YOLO means You Only Live Once in text messaging.


What does YW Mean in Texting?

YW means You Are Welcome in text messaging.

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What are some common abbreviations used in text messaging? ›

27 Texting Abbreviations: What They Are, Why They Exist, and How to Use Them
  • BTW: By the way.
  • CYA: See ya.
  • DM: Direct message.
  • FTW: For the win.
  • FWIW: For what it's worth.
  • ILY: I love you.
  • IMO: in my opinion.
  • JK: Just kidding.
Jul 24, 2019

What does FTW stand for? ›

(Internet slang) Initialism of for the win.

What does HWU mean in text? ›

Hey, what's up? HWU is a common text and chat greeting that means "Hey, what's up?" You may also see people use this acronym on social media, in response to vague or ambiguous posts.

What does TDY mean in text? ›

tdy - an abbreviation for the word today.

What is 53X mean in texting? ›

Sometimes teens use coded language to keep their parents in the dark, say by using sneaky texting acronyms teens to hide communication from adults such as 53X for “sex,” or CD9 for “code 9, parents around.”

What does TBF IDK mean? ›

2022/12/02. Tbf is an acronym for to be fair. It is used on social media and in text messages, when you have considered everything that has an effect on a situation in order to make a fair judgement.

What does SMH stand for? ›

LOL ( SMH ) = shaking my head.

What does nm means? ›

Nm, for “not much,” is usually written in the lowercase nm and is used in response to greetings like “What's up?” or “What are you up to?” in texts or social media. NM, also as nm, can be short for nevermind online, too. Also expect to see NM for all things New Mexico.

What does UMD mean in text? ›

noun. trademark. Universal Media Disc: an optical disc used to store games, films, or music.

What does PBH mean in text? ›

Peace Be Upon Him. PBH. Poor But Happy. PBH. Pointy Haired Boss (Dilbert cartoon)

What does G9 mean in texting? ›

Goodnight. To quickly say "goodnight" to someone at the end of a text or chat conversation, just send G9. This abbreviation is an informal way of signing off and wishing someone a pleasant evening. If you don't understand why G9 means goodnight, say G9 out loud real fast.

What does 143 mean? ›

143 means I love you. 143 is an internet slang numerical expression that conveys a message of love. Home.

What does MSM mean in texting? ›

MSM is an abbreviation meaning Main Stream Media, but it can also refer to Men who Sleep with Men when seen in texting, online chat, instant messaging, e-mail, blogs, newsgroup postings, and social media. For the largest list of Internet acronyms and text message jargon, click on "more info" below!

What are the top 20 abbreviations? ›

Once you get the hang of them, they can be quite the time saver when you're chatting to friends and family via text messaging.
  • LOL – laughing out loud.
  • OMG – oh my god (or oh my gosh)
  • IMO – in my opinion.
  • IMHO – in my humble opinion (or in my honest opinion)
  • BTW – by the way.
  • IDK – I don't know.
  • LMK – let me know.
Jan 2, 2023

What is 459 meaning? ›

Text message code for I love you, 459 corresponds to each of the first letters in "I love you," I=4, L=5, and Y=9 on a cell phone dial pad. Tip.

What is HF slang? ›

(Internet slang) Abbreviation of have fun.

What does N.B. stand for? ›

◊ The abbreviation NB comes from the Latin phrase “nota bene,” which means “mark well.”

What does MNS stand for? ›

mass notification system (MNS)

What does NM J mean? ›

The neuromuscular junction (NMJ) is a synaptic connection between the terminal end of a motor nerve and a muscle (skeletal/ smooth/ cardiac). It is the site for the transmission of action potential from nerve to the muscle.

What does NCAA mean in text? ›

abbreviation for (in the US) National Collegiate Athletic Association.

What does FDU mean in text? ›

What does FDU stand for?
Rank Abbr.Meaning
FDUFlight Duty Uniform
FDUFloppy Drive Unit
FDUForce Design Update
FDUFade Down and Up
18 more rows

What does FSU mean in text? ›

"Friends Stand United" is the most common definition for FSU on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. FSU. Definition: Friends Stand United.

What does m8 mean in texting? ›

Noun. m8 (plural m8s or m8's) (Internet slang, text messaging) Abbreviation of mate.

What does GG WP mean in text? ›

Phrase. GGWP. (Internet slang) Initialism of good game, well played.

What does SM mean in text? ›

What does "sm" mean? Definition of "sm" "sm" is an abbreviation (shortened version) for the phrase "so much". It is used in text to express the magnitude (how many or how large) of something. "sm" is often used after the phrase "I love you".

What's the meaning of 831 😂 💕? ›

The number 831 224 means “I love you today, tomorrow, forever.” “I Love You” is the most common definition for 831 on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. The number 831 is a cyber term used to mean “I Love You.”

What does 459 mean in texting? ›

Text message code for I love you, 459 corresponds to each of the first letters in "I love you," I=4, L=5, and Y=9 on a cell phone dial pad.

What does 520 mean? ›

Well, 520 is homophonic to “I love you” in Chinese! In fact, the 20th of May (520) is pronounced (wǔ èr líng)which sound very similar to 我爱你(wǒ ài nǐ)I love you, that is why the 20th (and 21st) have been labeled as the Internet Valentine's Day(网络情人节).

What does GSM mean in text? ›

GSM, or Global System for Mobile Communications, refers to the alphabet used to write SMS messages.

What does IG mean in text? ›

(Internet slang, text messaging) Initialism of I guess.

What does SB mean on Snapchat? ›

Short for snapback, SB is used on social media platform Snapchat for when you want a user to respond back to a snap, or “message.”


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